Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Stuff's getting vanquished left and right

Last month I mentioned an impending battle with the evil forces of leaky water-supply hoses to toilets. I am pleased to report a recent victory on that front. That which leaked was replaced; that which was loose was tightened, and the water now stays (or goes) where it's supposed to.

On the vanquishing subject, the Jackie Chan vehicle "The Medallion" was light, enjoyable fare for a matinee with somone today. If that other couple hadn't come in late, we'd have had the whole theater to ourselves! It was nice to see Gimli, er, John Rhys-Davies, in a good (if somewhat small) character role, and the blending of Chan's usual physical humor and martial arts with "wire-fu" and a bit more in the way of a "fantasy" plot was interesting.

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