Tuesday, May 13, 2003

If this is a cobra, I must be a mongoose.

So I bought that EZQuest Cobra+ 7200RPM 120GB FireWire drive last October or November. Come April and it goes all Tango-Uniform on me. I ship it off to them in May after determining that it's staying dead, it comes back "fixed" (new drive inside, I guess).

The very first time I turn it on, it makes this goshawful noise like it did when it was dying. The next time I turn it on, it's quiet, mounts fine, works fine.

Then my iBook had to go get not-repaired. Once it came back, I plugged the Cobra back in, turned it on, it was nice and quiet... but didn't do jack when it came to interfacing with the computer. The orange "I'm talking to the thing at the other end of this FireWire cable" light doesn't even come on.


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