Sunday, February 8, 1998

The Most Expensive Chairs in the World

The Most Expensive Chairs in the World (excerpt)
Richard Morin, Washington Post, February 8, 1998

...Our informants discovered two couch chairs: the John N. Couch Professor of Biology at the University of North Carolina and the Cortner/Couch Endowed Chair in Cancer Research at the University of South Florida. "A love seat would complete the set," suggested Dan Birchall, a computer systems administrator in Moorestown, N.J.

He also said his personal search has turned up "many vice chairs, but was unable to find any 'virtue' chairs." (At Yale, they've come close, reports Brian Bradley of MIT. "I have always held Yale University's Sterling Fellowship in great regard," Bradley noted. "Where else can one be officially declared a Sterling Fellow?")

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