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Vote Viv!

My wife Vivian is running for State Representative for the 14th Middlesex District of Massachusetts (Acton/Carlisle/Chelmsford/Concord) in the 2022 elections.

Since we moved to Massachusetts over five years ago, Viv has worked and volunteered tirelessly with local and regional non-profits, government and media, so she is well-known in some segments of local society.

But I've known her more than a decade longer - for most of her adult life - and know that she brings a perspective shaped by experiences far beyond our district, from working on implementation of an environmental court in Hawaii to developing multi-year national plans for Uganda, serving on country delegations to African Union summits and speaking as a side-event panelist at United Nations headquarters due to her work with the African diaspora in the Boston area.

As an immigrant born in a rural African village and raised in an urban slum, a naturalized US citizen, working mother, renter, and person of color, she also has lived experiences incredibly different from those of many people in Massachusetts, and is committed to progressive policies that will make our district and state better for everyone, by addressing the needs of those who have the least.

Of course, I encourage everyone in our district to vote for her any time they get the chance, and I encourage Americans anywhere in the country who find her positions compelling to support her campaign in any other ways they can.

Check out her web site at and see what she's about.